I’m still here

Sorry for being such a bad tumblr. If it makes anything better, my other blog didn’t get updated much at all too.

What I did in the meanwhile? Well, I went to Lithuania for a week with school. Had the time of my life. We went out every night there and I saw so much and met so many new people.I have a new crush (and he’ll be in my class from this semester, exciting!). I’m not going to Spain for my minor, but I’ll be staying in the Netherlands. Too bad I already moved out and quit my job. So now I’m looking for a room to live at my universitytown and this thursday I have an interview for a job at a Mexican Restaurant. 

Also, I registered for 4 races:

  1. March 9th: 5k in The Hague
  2. April 6th: 5k at the Airport in Eindhoven
  3. Mei 18th: 10k in Leeuwarden
  4. June 7th: We Own the Night-run by Nike, 10k in Amsterdam

So, that’s exciting. 

What’s new with you?




true self control is waiting until the movie starts to eat your popcorn

why would the movie eat my popcorn

nevermind i get it

When I see someone get off the machine that I want at the gym



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